Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week 1 Mexico MTC

                                      October 31st, 2013

Mi Familia! Thank you for all your letters and support I really appreciate that you guys think about me so much!! I will do my best to try and write each of you back specifically  but it will be hard. But with that being said I can honestly say that I now understand what missionaries mean when they say its the hardest but best thing ever! I am really enjoying being here in the CCM (MTC)! Our district is awesome we laugh all the time and everyone gets along just great! The food is good! Its not terrible but its not like eating at Five Guys or anything! My companion is a cool kid and we get along great! Spanish is Muy Deficill! My first full day here we had to teach an ¨investegator¨ in spanish! It was very hard and I didnt know what he was saying to me haha but it is so frusturating because I cant tell him what I think he needs to hear because I cant speak spanish! haha  but I guess the spanish will come! Its hard to focus all the time but I feel like I am learning alot I just have to be patient! My first 5 days we had two native missionaries who we became good friends with! Couldnt understand them but its okay cause they were speaking muy rapido! But I can say my prayers in spanish, I can testify in spanish, and I can ask someone to be baptized in spanish so that is cool! My teach is Hermana Saucedo she is so cool! She is a native as well and for the first four days our district had no clue what she was telling us because we didnt know spanish, turns out she served her mission in Temple Square and knows english pretty well actually   She speaks spanish most of the time and now I can start to pick up what she is saying, not fluent by any means but I can understand a lot better than at the start of the week. We got to go to the temple today and that temple is huge!! But just know that I am all settled in and I will try my best to send everyone emails but just let everyone now that I got their emails and I appreciate them for writing me!!!  Love you all thanks so much for the letters! Keep writing! Take care for now!!! Con mucho amor, Elder Noel!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leaving home and getting to Mexico MTC

1st email from the MTC
Hey mom, I just arrived at the mtc about 20 minutes ago! The flights were good and I made some new friends, my companion is a cool guy,  he is sorta like Elder Calhoon from the Best Two Years but less intense, big glasses, he is six three tho.  It looks like I will be staying in a apartment and not house, dang.... but oh well what can you do! Not sure when my p day is or anything like that but I will let you guys know for sure, I think Im doing okay so far but I think of home alot, its hard not to but hopefully I can shift my focus to more positive things! There were 3 of us who flew out to Arizona and we met the rest of the elders there, there were probably 18 or so of us including a group of missionaries who got transferred from the provo mtc, 4 of the missionaries will go to my mission including 1 sister, my companion and Elder W. are both going there! Anyway I love you guys! you are the best! talk to you soon! -Elder Noel