Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leaving home and getting to Mexico MTC

1st email from the MTC
Hey mom, I just arrived at the mtc about 20 minutes ago! The flights were good and I made some new friends, my companion is a cool guy,  he is sorta like Elder Calhoon from the Best Two Years but less intense, big glasses, he is six three tho.  It looks like I will be staying in a apartment and not house, dang.... but oh well what can you do! Not sure when my p day is or anything like that but I will let you guys know for sure, I think Im doing okay so far but I think of home alot, its hard not to but hopefully I can shift my focus to more positive things! There were 3 of us who flew out to Arizona and we met the rest of the elders there, there were probably 18 or so of us including a group of missionaries who got transferred from the provo mtc, 4 of the missionaries will go to my mission including 1 sister, my companion and Elder W. are both going there! Anyway I love you guys! you are the best! talk to you soon! -Elder Noel

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  1. Looks Great Wendy!! I am excited to check this blog, so you better keep up the posting!