Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Monday December 30, 2013

A spanish Book of Mormon
Hey Mom!
 It was really nice to talk on Christmas! I’m so glad we had that chance! Christmas was good. We basically spent it with Ivan and his family, then we went home and went to bed! For New Years down here I think its pretty much the same as in the US. I hope you guys have a lot of fun for New Years! I will just be sleeping haha! That’s awesome about the aggies! I’m glad to hear they won! That’s always a good thing! Anyways I love you guys alot! You’re the best family I could ever ask for!
We are working with this lady who really wants to know that the church is true. She is separated from her husband and lives with her two daughters, one about my age and one about 8 yrs old. She reads and prays but something always comes up and she can’t go to church. She has a baptismal date but here you have to come to church three times before you can get baptized, I’m not sure if that is the same with other missions or not. We are trying hard to get her to come to church. I think she will get baptized either this month or next!  I miss you guys.  Keep praying for me!
I love you!   Elder Noel

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  1. Hi Hayden! Glad to hear all is well with the Chile mission. That is great about that lady ya'll are working with. All is good here. Eric and I just got back from Florida. It was great! My parents are doing very good. We miss and love ya!