Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things in Temuco

Thumb's up everyone

Me in front of a wall in Temuco

Hey Mom,

How’s is it going?  Lately we have been teaching this couple. The wife is a member but the husband is not. He says he will get baptized but wants to do it on his own time. Its too bad to cause they could be a strong family. I think he will make it though!

 P days we just basically have time to write and maybe watch a Disney movie. We were actually able to watch Frozen so you can tell Abby that.  When we get back we can sing a duet together.  haha

By the way we had a miracle this week. We were tracting and this guy came up to me and this elder I was with.  He asked about us and said he wants to know more. Well, 1 week later he has a baptismal date for the 1st of March.  He is reading the Book of Mormon and came to church this week. So that’s good! 

We went to his house for dinner the other night.  Most of the houses here are pretty small and not very decorated. They are also very close together.  Well,  we went to the address of this guy’s house and it was in the middle of this field.  It was big and very nicely decorated.  He makes a lot of money in the cattle business I guess.  He fed us meat and it was the best meat I have ever tasted.  It would have cost about $30 for a meal like this in the U.S.  It was awesome.  He is golden.  Such a great guy but we found out that his address is in a different area then me and my comps so we have to let the other missionaries handle him which is a bummer.

Wish Cole a happy birthday! I love you so much! Thanks for all your prayers and insights!   Please keep the letters coming!  I love you and happy Valentines day!

 Elder Noel.

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