Sunday, March 2, 2014

1st Transfer

Hey Mom,                                                                               Feb 24, 2014

How are you! I am fine.  I’m glad Abby is playing soccer. My soccer skills have improved since I have been down here. The ward plays every Wednesday and Friday. It’s fun.

 We found out cambios today and I am transferred to the city of Lebu.  It’s on the coast and my sector is called Cañete. My comp is apparently really funny so I’m excited for that. The mission president came down to our zone this week because our zone has accomplished our goal for baptisms for 2 months in a row. Apparently its really rare when a zone accomplishes the goal. The president bought us all lunch and after gave us some advice and then went on his way.  

Tomorrow I head to my new sector. Apparently you can’t go straight to my sector, you have to go to Conce (Concepcion), a 5 hour bus ride, then down to Lebu, a 3 hour ride so that should be fun.  Its going to be cold I hear so if you could send me some thermals that would be great. How is everyone? Please tell them to write.  Remember scripture study is awesome, it will help you guys in everything you do! Anyways that’s it for this week, I love you mom thanks for everything! 

Chau! Elder Noel

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  1. Hey Hayden! Glad to hear you are doing well. Congrats on meeting your goal! That is great that you get to move around the country. Is your mailing address changing? I will get it from your Mom. That is good you play soccer and get some physical activity. All is well here. It is raining today. We need it! Eric and Savana are well. I am working out hard and getting ready for a triathlon in May. Did you get to see some of the Olympics? It was good. We won a lot! Thank you for your mission work Hayden! Stay alert and be safe. We love and miss ya! :)