Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week 2 Mexico MTC

Hey mom, thanks for the update on everyone! The weather down here is a lot better than home! Usually 75 degrees or so.  This week has been a little harder but its just because we have more investigators and we want to be able to say
more but we don’t know Spanish so it is hard!!  I miss
all the kids, and it doesn’t help that the last memory I have of them
is them crying in the airport haha, that wasn’t fun at all! This
week has been a little tougher, just getting frustrated with the
language, which makes it really hard to feel the spirit.  Lessons go okay
but it just feels like there is something missing, probably my
Spanish! The days are starting to blend together, the days go a
little faster as time goes on but it’s still hard to think that I have
a month left here, oh well though. For gym we usually play
volleyball with our district or with the Mexican missionaries.  They are
really good at volleyball actually, not so great at basketball though,
haha, We get an hour a day for gym so that’s nice. My district is hilarious!  
Love you all!

Love, Elder Noel

The four missionaries from left to right: Elder Clarke the District

Leader, Elder Wallace who went to Brighton High, me and my companion.

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  1. Looks like his comp is a BYU fan. He's REALLY going to have to learn how to look past the faults of others and love them anyway!