Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 3 Mexico MTC

Me at the Mexico city temple

My district

A group of us outside the temple

Will Barlow, Parker Dixon, and me.  Weber buddies!
Hey Family! My week has been good! I feel like the language is coming along better this week! Still really hard to speak but I have just decided that I can’t control how fast I learn the language I can only control how much I study and speak!  We have mock investigators right now.  Both of them are our teachers, so they make it hard.  We had a lesson with ¨Adan´´.  He has problems at work and there is a lady that keeps flirting with him and won’t leave him alone. He said his wife is getting angry with him, what we told him is that “we may not know how you feel but God and Christ do”. Also I asked if he wanted a blessing, so I gave him a blessing. We asked him to be baptized and he said YES. Fake investigator but still haha. Next time we will show him the story of Joseph and Potiphers wife. That should help! Today we went to the temple and as we were driving there one could have thought we were driving through a sewer. That city is insane! I have never seen so many cars and people in my life. Shacks and stands everywhere! The temple was cool! 
This is my daily routine... Wake up at 6:30, Arrive at the class at 7, study for an hour then eat breakfast at 8. Then we have class from 830-1130. We do language stuff and things like that with Hermana Sauceto! Then we have gym for an hour and eat lunch at 1! Then we have TALL which is a computer program for learning the language put out by the church. We have that for an hour. Then at 3 we have more class with Hermano Silva and Hermano Soto! They are awesome! Then at 6:30 we have dinner until 7:15 then back to the class for more personal and companionship study until 9:30. Then we go back to our dorms, get ready for bed and lights out at 1030! The days are starting to go by faster! I can’t believe I have been here three weeks! But it’s crazy to think I still have 3 more!

Love you guys! -Elder Noel

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