Monday, June 16, 2014

Saying Goodbye to the Presidente

Hey Mom,                                      June 16, 2014                                                   

This week was a slow one, we had a mission conference in Angol this past friday and all the missionaries who are in our mission went. It was a going away conference for Presidente Martinez.  I’m sure going to miss him a lot. He is really a great guy and a man of God for sure.  But it was cool to be able to say goodbye to him and a lot of other missionaries who are leaving this week. Elder Voyles and Elder Precourt both leave.  So the only comps I have left in the mission are my comp right now and my comp from the MTC, Elder Barlow. It was really cool to be able to speak to all of those guys again. Elder Wallace, Elder Clark etc..

Speaking of Elder Wallace, Guess who is going to be my new District leader???? That’s right, ELDER WALLACE.  He is getting transfered to my zone and he is going to be my district leader. We were pretty excited when we found that out. 

As far as my comp goes I think he is doing better. I think he is getting used to some things and doing a good job. I could do a lot better as far as training him.  I need to work on that.

We were blessed to be able to have people in church again this week. We had seven investigators in church and it was cool to see them in church. Ruth, Pablo, and Oscar were there as well and Pablo is a go for this Saturday. I really hope that everything works out so that he will be able to get baptized this Saturday. It would be great if his mom would be able to get baptized as well but im not sure if she will be able to.  We talked to her about it and she is going to try and live the gospel. She is actually a really humble lady. 

Thanks for all of your prayers for them. I’m sure that they are working and that they are heard.

As far as I go I think I am doing alright. I know that I can do a better job in some areas but its just a matter of stepping up and doing them. Learning how to run a sector is a process I think. But like dad tells me, you have to focus on the process, and the rest will take care of itself.

I think of you guys a lot and it is a great motivator. To think about my family and then it gets me going sometimes. Keep the prayers coming, and I will keep sending them your way!  I know He lives. I know He loves us, and I know we will live with Him someday!

I love you mom! Have a good week! 

Elder Noel!

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