Monday, August 18, 2014

Boca Sur and gum

last picture before I left Canete
Hey Mom,                                  August 18, 2014 

Being a district leader is not too bad, at least for right now. I only have 2 hermanas and the zone leaders in my district so it's not too stressful.  Being the district leader over the zone leaders is like being the bishop over the prophet, but hey, they are good guys and I hope that we will get along well, I expect we will.

It was hard to leave Cañete, harder than I thought. I was brought to tears on many occasions and it almost felt like leaving home. I just hope that all of the people that we taught we continue living the gospel. 

My new sector is called Boca Sur. It's the biggest ward in the mission with 180 members mas o menos that attend.  We have eight missionaries in it, its so big. 

Some one spit their gum at me this week, so that was a nice warm welcome haha.  I also was sick this whole week with Gripa (flu), so that was just wonderful as well. It's hard to keep up the motivation when you are sick. Your mind and bad attitude gets to you.  We don't really have too many investigators, but that's okay, we just need to find them.  My comp is cool, he just finished his training and it is his first time guiding his sector.  He is doing a good job. His name is Elder C from Orem.

The apartment is good. Not to shabby.

I am glad that Cole has a goal to have his papers in. That is good.  When we have goals it helps us to focus on our purpose and make sure that we plan to accomplish the goal.

Bad news. I lost almost all of my pictures on my mission.  Some one was taking a picture for me and accidently deleted 80 percent of them. I need you to make sure and save all the pictures I sent you guys, and I am going to try and get some from my old comp.

But other than that things are going okay. I really love you and I am so grateful for the influence that you have in my life, I hope that you have a great week! 

Take care! 
Elder Noel!

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  1. Hi Hayden! So glad you and the mission is doing so well. The pics of ya'll are so pleasing. We are good. Miss and love ya!