Friday, September 26, 2014

Hermana missionary from home

Hey Mom,                                     August 25, 2014                                                                            

I forgot to tell you about Hermana F. When I found out she went to Ben Lomond I started talking to her about school and Ogden and everything. We got trunky but it was funny haha. She is a really good missionary, really diligent and hard working. She was known as a ¨Machine¨ down here. A great example to all the missionaries and  really learned a lot from her and her example. Her testimony is way strong.  Her family is from Colombia and she is fluent spanish.  When I found out she was going home I decided to write you guys a quick note to see if she could take it to you. I am glad that she did. 

There are 8 missionaries in our ward. Our sector is the second most dangerous in the mission, but I haven't seen anything too bad yet. In the other sector they live next to a drug dealer, and on the corner of the street where they live, there is a lady who sells heroin every day haha. But in our sector its not to bad haha. 

This week was okay, we don't really have any people so we are focusing on the people that we have and trying to help them progress, and then trying to find new people. We found a family of three, so I am hoping that they will be able to get baptized.  My comp is a good guy, we get along and seem to have a good time. He just finished his training so he is new in the mission still. I learn from him and he learns from me, it is good.

I completed ten months in the mission this past week, can you belive it? Its crazy how fast the time goes, I feel like my mission is going to be over in like a month haha. 

 Keep up the great work and I hope that all is well. 
Your the best, 
Elder Noel

My comp Elder C

Sister F came delivering a letter from Hayden.  She had been with him just a week earlier!

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