Friday, September 26, 2014

Another week

My old comp from Canete

Elder C

river in Denver, we missed him this trip

Hey Mom,                                    Sept 1, 2014 

How are things going along in Denver? I'm sad to hear about the Aggies, but the good thing about losing is that you can see where your weaknesses are, make adjustments and then improve.  Just like us.  We fall down, make adjustments, and improve.

This week was a crappy one. We couldn't find anyone to teach really and the investigator that we have for baptism is really evangelical.  Not sure what will happen with him, but we will keep teaching him.  We spent one whole day building a house for a member whose house burnt down like 4 months ago.  Not sure what we were doing but we got it done.

Cool story. On the way to Concepcion today I sat next to some lady on the bus. I started talking to her and then she told me that she almost got baptized like 10 years ago but felt really pressured to do it so she never did.  Well it turns out that she lives in our sector, so we will be teaching her this week. Hopefully she can open up her heart a little so that we can baptize her. 

I hope that you guys are having an absolute blast in Denver. That was one of the best vacations I think we went on as a family. Be safe and have fun. Are you guys going to go to that river that we went to? That was fun. But anyways, I love you, thank you so much for all of your love and support. I can feel it all the way over here in Chile.

Elder Noel

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