Friday, September 26, 2014

Chile Independence Day

My attempt at a selfie

Let's go fly a kite

 Elder C is cool!

Celebrating Independence Day with the Elders

Hey Mom,                                      Sept 22, 2014

 How are ya? I hope that things are still going good for you. Im glad to hear that you guys got tickets to the temple dedication. That is awesome. I wish I could have seen all of those apostles and prophets, Im sure that it was an amazing experience.  Thanks for your advise, I know that the things in the mission will help me with my future problems and my future life. Lets not talk about marriage just yet hahaha, that is a whole other ball game.

Chile is good. They had their national independence day on the 18th. There was an activity for the ward and everything. It was cool to see. We flew kites and ate empenadas. They are the national food of Chile basically. It was cool but bad for the work. No one wanted to listen to us. But I guess its like that some times right? 

The baptism did not go through this week. But that is okay, we are going to see if he will be ready for this week.  But we did have 4 investigators in church so that is always good.

Transfers are tomorrow, me and my comp will be the same. But the new missionaries get here tomorrow, so im sure that they are on a plane right now, I will be sure to look for Elder Stevenson. 

By the way I complete 11 months tomorrow, is that crazy or what? I can't believe it. Time really does fly by. Talk to you soon!
Elder Noel

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