Thursday, October 16, 2014

Packages and Baptism

Hey Mom,                           September 29th, 2014                              

I cannot believe that I am going to turn 20 years old this next week. That just absolutely blows my mind. And by the way, I received the package! Thanks so much. Don't worry, I haven't opened up the presents yet, I am going to wait until the sixth haha.  The rain is getting old thats for sure, but it sounds like the rainy season is just about to end so thats a good thing.

I hope the Aggies can pull it of against YBU. I have faith in em. 

The beginning of this week was sorta blaaa. But it ended up being a pretty good week other than I have got a cold again. I can't seem to catch a break with this sickness stuff. But oh well thats how it goes I guess.  The constant work I think can sometimes seem over whelming and we don't see how we can keep up with it.  But the Lord has provided a way for all of his children to overcome whatever trial and test we face in this life, and I know that if we will LEARN to depend on him then our weaknesses will be made into strengths.

J got baptized! It was so cool to be able to see him get baptized and take that important step.  I just hope we can keep showing him the true importance of the gospel so that he will continue to make good decisions and choices in his life.  

I live with the zone leaders, and this week we got a new Zone Leader. His name is Elder A. He is a really great Zone Leader and the second he arrived he changed the zone around. I had the opportunity to work with him on thursday and it was awesome. We worked really well together and I learned a lot from him. He helped me to see that we can be hardworkers and have fun at the same time. He is a great guy.

I from my first sector called me the other day. It was cool to hear from him and talk to him. He sends his love and everything. I thanked him for his help that he gave to me at the beginning of my mission. I think it would be cool if you guys could maybe write him, share a scripture or something. Just a thought.

This week is conference and we are all getting pretty excited. Watching conference in the mission is really alot different then at home. I feel like I get alot more out of it than I did at home. I challenge you guys to watch and apply the stuff you learn at conference this week. 

Keep up the good work as a mom and I will talk to you next week, on my birthday. 
Your the best! Love you!

Elder Noel

Lots of presents for my birthday!
Love my chips ahoy

Our baptism this week

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