Thursday, October 16, 2014

Elder Noel's 20th birthday

Hey Mom,                                                         October 6th, 2014

 Thank you for the birthday wishes and presents! I know that you put alot of work into it so thanks so much for all that you do to make me happy. It definately works. Out of all the things I got, the thing that I love the most was the journal entries. 

I recieved all of the packages so no worries. Thank you so much for all of the stuff! I will use it all! 

I totally forgot about the Aggie game but the first email I opened up was Cole and his friends with the Utah State score! I just about lost it over here in Chile haha. All the missionaries here were sorta bummed they lost but me and another Ute fan were celebrating, it was awesome! I will try not to get to trunky haha.

Conference was awesome. I learned so much. I know that this is the true church because the prophets are really called of God. I loved conference. Being in the mission and listening to conference is really a cool experience and I loved being able to see and feel the importance of everything that was said.  Prophets, I am so grateful for prophets on the earth today. They guide and lead us to God. Without prophets we would be lost, and you can definately see that here. So many churches with no direction. But there were alot of things that I learned and that I will apply in my life and mission going forward. One thing that I learned from conference was that we shouldn't let good decisions, keep us from making the best decisions. I thought that that was an interesting concept. Sometimes we can get comfortable with where we are, and as a result we don't move forward or progress.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is the thing that will ensure we make the BEST decisions if we live it.

One of our investigators who has been investigating the Church for about 2 months now came to conference. She said that every question she had was answered, we are hoping to put a baptismal date for her this week.

This week was sorta a slow one. We didn't have much work to do and we had a lot of lessons that fell through. But we have some good people that we are teaching so that is good. We just need to focus on finding those who will recieve us, and then baptize them. Always things to improve, and always things to change. But I know that as we apply the teachings of Jesus we can become our true potential.  Thanks for writing those families, I miss them a lot and I am grateful for the opportunity that God gave me to be able to meet and teach them this gospel.

And your right, 20 years goes by way to fast. I never thought that this point in my life would come. I know that there are somethings in the past that I could have done better, or maybe changed, but I know that we don't live in the past we live in the present, so I just need to take what I have learned from these 20 years and look forward to the next twenty. That will be one crazy day! I am getting old, one fifth of my life is complete. I know that I am here for a reason, and that this is where I should be at this point in my life.

I love you and I am thankful that I have a mom who loves and cares about me like you do.
 I love you, your the best, 

Elder Noel
20 yr old Elder Noel

Dear Hermana Noel,                          Oct 6, 2014

Today was PDay and we happened to be in the office when Elder Noel and his companion came in.  We got to give him birthday hugs and I took a few photos for you.  He was happy and having a good day!

With love,

Hermana Bluth
birthday handshake with President Bluth

All the elders in the office sang Happy Birthday

birthday hug 

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