Sunday, April 12, 2015

Haircut and Evangelicos

Hey Mom!                                  March 30, 2015

Another week has gone by fast and it's Monday again, I cannot believe it. How have you been doing! I hope that everything is going good! 

This week was a good week with some ups and some downs, just like every week. Me and Elder Wallace are doing good and on Monday we decided to go and get our hair cut, he decided that he was going to cut it really short like a buzz cut. I was just going to trim mine up a bit. Well, he got his hait cut first and then it was my turn. So the lady asked me, ¨How would you like your hair cut?¨ I said, ¨Well I would like it the same style but just a little bit shorter.¨But apparently my spanish is not as good as it sounds and she understand that I wanted my hair the same style as my comps but a little shorter than his. And well, she buzzed my hair off hahahah. Elder Wallace could not contain himself and started laughing uncontrollably and so did I. The lady cutting my hair then started laughing, but just because we were laughing. She didn't know why haha. So that was a good start to the week, with some good miscommunication.

Z is doing well but she wasn't able to make it to church. She has some issues we need to work out but it's okay because people have obstacles they have to climb over if they want to follow Christ. We will see what happens! 

L is the man that we have been teaching and again he came to church, 4th week in a row. He is the MAN! I really love that guy. He gets it. He gets the Gospel and it is really cool to see. The only thing really holding him back is his catholic traditions, I guess you could say. His parents, his wife, are catholics, they don't go to chruch or anything, but I think he is afraid of what his family might think, we are going to talk to him about just trusting in God and things like that. He also has already commited to coming to the General Conference this weekend, so I know that he will love it and hopefully something will click for him. You can always put your money on the Prophet.

We also worked with the assistants this week and I worked with an elder named Elder R, he is a convert of three years and is a really great missionary with a strong testimony of the Gospel, we knocked doors for about 3 or 4 hours and nobody let us in. Then we went to this old investgator that some elders before me (Elder W) had been teaching. We talked to her about baptism and she accepted.  It was really cool, I learned alot.

On Saturday me and Elder Wallace decided to go to a country part of our sector to go and contact and things like that. Well these to guys let us in and they told us that they were evangelicos (surprise surprise). We taught the restoration and then we asked if we could leave them with a prayer and they said that they wanted to pray for us which is totally fine. They then both stood up, came over, and put their hands on me and Elder Wallace and they started to pray both at the same time and pray like saying Glory to God! Glory to God! Things like that. It was definantly a little adventure. We soon left after that but they were really nice guys.

Tell everyone hi and that I love them. 

Hey mom I love you. Thanks again for all that you do and I really appreciate it. I pray for you guys always and time just keeps flying. Have a great week and we will talk soon. 

I love you, 

Elder Noel
Whats the deal with our hair?

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