Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Busy week

Hey Mom!                                      March 23, 2015

How are you and how was your week? From all of you letters and from the family it sounds like everyone is doing pretty good! 

Pdays are sorta boring here. There is a volcano that we can go visit but I don't know how to get there or anything, so until I can figure it out pdays will continue to be boring.

Time keeps flying by and I can't believe it. I just completed 17 months today. It seems like yesterday I just got on the plane with Elder Wallace, and now he is my comp and we are in the home stretch...
 WOW! I can't believe that my time as a missionary of the Lord is going by so quickly. I need to take advantage of this time because it's the time that the Lord has given me to try and grow up haha. The hermanas in my group from the mtc go home in less then a month and I told them that their mission is only 18 months because they have less weaknesses to overcome haha. 

.You are sure right when you talk about satan. He is constantly working. When we sleep he keeps working. I see it now more than I ever did before, I see it with myself, investigators, members, less actives. But the perfect thing to fight him with is the gospel, that is the good thing. How blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives.

Well this week went pretty well. Me and Elder Wallace are working hard trying to help out our sector and also the zone. It can be hard and stressful sometimes to balance both of them, but we are doing it.  We had a mom and a daughter who were planning to get baptized this next saturday, all they had to do was come to church, well the daughter showed up but the mom didn't. So we will keep working with them and hopefully they can get baptized the week after conference.  L came to church again. This time to all three meetings. I think he really enjoyed it. He has come three weeks in a row now. So I think that he is really interested. He asked us about Doctrine and Covenants and so we taught him about it and gave him a triple. He was really happy and excited when we gave it to him. I just hope that this week we can finally put a date for his baptism. He is really prepared and ready for it, he just doesn't think that he has recognized it yet, but he has. We will just keep praying!

Elder Wallace and I are teaching this lady named Z. The first visit we had with her she told us that she just felt like she needs to get baptized and that what we had taught her was true. It was really cool. She came to church and she really loved it. After church she came up to me and said, ¨Where will I be getting baptized?¨ haha, it's not every day that you find people like her, I hope and pray that she can continue to progress so that she can get baptized! 

This week we had a couple zone conferences, president taught one of them and we taught the other. They must have learned something because this is the best week the zone has had since I have been here. We have 15 baptismal dates and they all came to church this last week. So we are praying that we can end this month well and then hit April hard. The work is always going! 

Well lately I have been thinking alot about the atonement and the importance that it has in my life and in the life of our family. I am understanding more about the love that God and his Son have for us and for me personally. He truly has a plan that can help us acheive our divine potential. Now whenever I feel discouraged or sad I just try and think about the Saviour. I know that he felt the same way. But He pushed through it, and in the end he did what God, his Father, needed him to do. I just hope that at the end of my mission, that God can be proud of me
Elder Wallace and I are having a great time together. He is a good example to me and he is a hard worker. We keep each other on task and focused on our purpose. 

  Please tell all those who I didn't respond to that I'm sorry because I just run out of time so fast! But I love you mom! Keep up the good work! 

Elder Noel

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