Tuesday, March 24, 2015

long bus ride and Elder Wallace

Hey Mom!                                       March 19,2015

 Elder Wallace is a great missionary and I am learning a lot from his example and from his dedication to be the missionary the Lord needs him to be. We both have the same desires to work hard and to be obedient so it makes it a lot easier to be a missionary and to get lost in the work.

This week we had a conference with all the zone leaders, assistants, and president in Concepcion, so we had to travel 5 hours on bus on thursday and friday, it was sorta draining, but the conference was really good. I learned alot. There was a speaker named Brother Verdugo. He was a mission president in Argentina and he talked to us about the purpose of our mission and also about the character of Christ. It really made me think more about the atonement and everything that Christ has and will continue to do for us.  He talked about how as missionaries, we need to feel how it is to be rejected because Christ was also rejected. To truly follow Christ we may need to pass through some of the same hardships as he did. We may have to ask, ¨God, why hast thou forsaken me?¨ We may need to feel how he felt as he was on the cross alone. When we have trials, what is God trying to teach us? What is he trying to show me? As he talked I could feel the spirit quite strongly and it made me have a more broad aspect for the work and the importance that I have to share it. Now when I am rejected or when I am tired, I just think of him. How he was rejected, how he was tired, how he was alone.  I learned how important it is for us to truly understand the atonement of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
On Saturday and Sunday we had Stake conference. It was pretty good. We had 3 people who were committed to come to church who didn't show up. But L, he came and he really liked it alot. I really love this guy. I love teaching him. He really understands the importance of what we teach and he understands what it would mean if it were true. He told us that before he wants to be baptized he wants to be 100% sure thats its true. So we are just going to keep teaching him and explain that we can never reach 100%, it will require faith.  But we are going to keep working with him!
I am fine. Thanks for worrying about me but you don't have to. I am on the Lords errand and when we are doing his work we are entitled to his blessings. I love you mom! I hope that you have a great week this week and that the family continues to live the gospel.

Tell everyone hi and that I love and am praying for them.
Take care,
 Elder Noel

Elder Wallace!

These sisters were in our CCM group from Mexico City.  They are heading home soon, we still have 7 months.

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