Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And my new companion is????

Hey Mom,                                        March 9, 2015

How's it going! 

Well first off big news..... Are you ready?? Well tomorrow is cambios and my comp is leaving which is sad because we were good together, but guess who is coming?? Thats right you guessed it..... ELDER WALLACE hahaha we just found out this morning that he is going to be coming down here to be comps with me! Haha I was so excited when I heard it I just about jumped out the window! We should have a good time together!  We are going to be zone leaders together. I go to the bus station tomorrow to go pick him up.  I talked to him over the phone and he is really excited. I am excited to learn even more from him than i already have.

But this week was a pretty good week for us. We don't have a ton of people to teach but the people that we do have are really good and I am excited to keep seeing their progression as investigators. It is pretty cool to see.  We should have a couple of people getting baptized in about two weeks. A mom and a daughter. We were going to have them get baptized this weekend but they need a little bit more preparation, as well this weekend is stake conference so that will be cool.

In church we had a man that we found about two weeks ago named L, I talked to you about him in my last letter. He is awesome. He is catholic as far as tradition but he is noticing how the ¨Restored Truths¨ are in our church and he sees how important that is. We have challenged him to baptism but he tells us that he wants to know first and once he knows, then he will find out.  He is a really great guy who could be a great leader in the Church. I hope that he can keep progressing. He has read 1st Nefi, 2nd Nefi, and he jumped and read 3rd Nefi haha. He is doing good!

We also are teaching another mom and daughter who came to church last week but this week they didn't come because she was sick.... They are barely learning about the church.

It sounds like life at home is going well. Thats really cool to hear about Jake and how much his mission has impacted him. Its crazy he is home and is already applying the things he learned in his mission to his life. I hope that I can do the same when its my turn to leave. I can't believe another week has flown by, with each week that goes by I do find that even though its hard, I am going to miss what I am doing. It's hard to think about not being a missionary.

It's too bad to hear about the aggies, and about Stew. He actually marked a big part of my childhood. I don't even know what aggie basketball is without Stew Morrill. I wish the best for him! Tears come to my eyes when I think he won't be there next year! hahah.

Yea the volcano that exploded is called Volcan Villarica. It's actually a pretty famous volcano. There is another one that is closer to me that I can see, but I did see some footage of the volcano exploding and it seemed pretty crazy!

But hey mom I love you! I appreciate the love and support that I get from you and I hope and pray that you have great week this week! I love you! 

Take Care, 
Elder Noel

Temuco Cautin Zone

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