Sunday, May 3, 2015

My last general conference

Hey Mom!                                  April 6, 2015

We were able to watch the conference at the stake center on a projector, but I  had to watch it in spanish, which is okay! But it's always nice to hear the voice of the prophet himself. With all of that said it was still great and I feel like watching conference on the mission is totally different than watching it at home, maybe I am just getting older but I feel like I am able to understand more of what they say and importance that their messages have. It is something really awesome. 

I felt like one of the main topics of conference was marriage and dating like you said, it was sorta scary but I started take notes on stuff like that haha. All the missionaries were saying that as soon as they get home they are getting married hahaha, it was pretty funny to hear and see. 

I couldn't believe it but while I was watching conference it ocurred to me that the next conference will be on the last weekend before I end my mission. I almost fainted because I can just not believe that I have been a missionary for almost 18 months. In fact, today marks 6 months until my return date. Im sure you already know that but it is crazy and each time I think about it I realize more and more that the time I have to do what I am doing is short and that I need to take advantage of it as much as I can.

That is also pretty sad to hear about the people going to conference just to scream ¨no¨ to the prophet. I guess they were trying to make a stand or something. I just don't know why someone would let us bother them so much that they have to go to general conference just to scream no. But I'm sure it's not the only time that it has happened and I am sure it will not be the last either. It happened in the scriptures and it has been prophesied as well. So the only real thing these people are doing is proving that what the prophets and scriptures say is true. But you gotta love everyone right?

We were able to have some people in church this week so that was cool, one of those being L. He really liked it, but he did tell us that he had been thinking and that he feels like he is not ready to be baptized this coming weekend. So we will keep working with him. We told him last week to kneel and pray and to ask God if he should get baptized and the next visit we asked him how he felt and he said that in that moment he wanted to get baptized. But when he woke up the next day the feeling went away. It taught me how important it is for us to act upon the promptings of the spirit as soon as we recieve them because we dont know when they will leave.  L has his answer and has told us multiple times that he wants to get baptized, but not yet. So we are working with him and we will just keep praying!

But your right mom, we find many people hear who just say that they can't go to church because they work or something like that. But it's becuase they have filled their lives with the things of the world, and when that happens we lose sight and we lose our eternal perspective! 

I love you mom! Thanks for all of your love and support and tell everyone at home that I love them and that they are in my prayers! Stay strong! Your the best! 

With love, 
Elder Noel

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