Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hard Week

Hey Dad,                                                                       May 4,2015                                                                                                 

As you imagined this week has been a bit of a swirl for us. With what happened everyone in the mission was sort of discouraged and I had sort of a ¨sick to my gut¨ sorta feeling. 

You are completly right when you say that we seem to be humans that like to ask ¨why¨ I think its only natural because as people we like to know the reasoning behind things. We like to see the ¨evidence¨ but God doesn't work like that, because when he does, people still don't believe him.  But problems always give us the chance to learn how to grow and become better people. There are reasons that God has, that we can't understand completely yet.

This week in the sector was sorta rough, as every week haha, but on tuesday we had a concilio with president and the rest of the ZLs and we weren't able to be in our sector for two days because of travel. Which is not an excuse for why some things didn't get done, but it is an obsacle that we have to climb over.  

L came to church!!......Again.. Haha! He is awesome, he did not accept a baptismal date, but I think that we are getting somewhere. He was baptized catholic and he has explained that he feels like he is still baptized, so we tried to help him understand priesthood authority and the reason that God has uses the priesthood to bring to pass his divine purposes.  Trying to show people what they can gain is better than showing them what they lack or what faults they might have.

The zone is doing alright, the hermanas are AWESOME!! Every last one of them!  As you know I am a pleaser, I like people to like me. But I have learned that it is really close to impossible. Which frustrates me sometimes, because I do want to help the missionaries be better and achieve their pontential, but I think most of the time they just see me as someone who just commands and demands.  I know that I can do a better job with it but sometimes I just get frusturated haha.

The volcanos are erupting like crazy, we just hear from people when things happen because we never watch the news, but the volcanos are more to the south, not in our mission, so we haven't been too affected by them, but hopefully they just don't spout hot lava haha.

As the time goes on I start to think about my mission and how fast it has passed me by. I really can't believe it. It sorta scares me because I see so many things that I could be doing better and I just don't know where to start or I can get sorta discouraged by only seeing that I have 6 months left. But I read today in Alma 32 about how we need to have diligence, patience, and faith. I know that I won't be the perfect missionary but I do hope that I can be the one that God needs. 

I love you dad and I love this gospel. Every time I am in a lesson I can see how it can bless the lives of these people if they would just LISTEN hahaha. I know that agency is given to us so that we can grow, and some of us, in fact alot of us grow differently and slower or faster than others. 

Thanks dad for everything, your awsome, keep up the good work! Have a great week!

Elder Noel

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