Sunday, May 3, 2015

Zone Activity

Hey Mom!                          April 13, 2015 
This week went okay! L came to church again and he really liked it, this week was testimony meeting and I think that he really enjoyed hearing the testimonies of some of the members. He was also able to attend a baptism that the other elders in our ward had and he really liked it. We had a lesson with him during the week and he told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and everything, the only thing he lacks is he says that he feels so good right now, that he doesnt feel the need to be baptized. But when he came to the baptismal service I think that it sparked something in him, he is a stubborn guy haha but he is really good and when he is baptized I know that he will be a really good member of the church!

We are also working with some other investigators, like Z, remember her? We challenged her and her boyfriend to get married and it looks like they are going to be getting married on the 15th of May. So once she gets married she will be able to get baptized! So we are just praying that everything goes through so that she can get married and then later get baptized!

Today we had a zone activity, we went to the stake center and watched a movie and played some games, then we had some hermanas from Mexico make some tacos for the zone so we helped them out with that and it was great! We had alot of fun!

But hey mom I love you! Thanks again for the pictures and for the letter! I really enjoy reading and seeing what is going on up there! Have a great week and Perseverar Hasta el Fin!! LOVE YOU!

Elder Noel

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