Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1st Day Picture

We finally received a picture of Hayden the day he arrived in Chile, clear back in December.  He is with President and Sister Martinez.  He loves them!

Hey Mom,                                                                         April 21, 2014

 How is it going? I hope well. Again, today I don’t have alot of time to write. But I just wanted to say thanks for the email. I read it and really appreciate it. My week was okay! I love you very much and I am so grateful for all that you do. I will do my best to send you alot of pictures next week okay? and don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine. I can’t believe I hit six months. Goes fast. Same comp. Cambios are every six weeks, so we wont have one until the middle of May. People ask me if I’m Chilean all the time. But then when I talk, they realize I’m a gringo haha. Spanish is there but it’s still hard sometimes! We are working with a mom and daughter right now. They are close to baptism but need some more progression. The mom has been to church twice and the daughter attends an activity that the adventist church puts on every sunday at ten. Of course when sacrament starts.

But hey I gotta go right now. I’m might get on a again I might not. We are in a different city because my comp had to get his carnet (visa), so we don’t have much time!  Hopefully I will get to write! Tell everyone hi,

Love you! Elder Noel 

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  1. Hi Hayden! Glad you are well! I like reading this blog and knowing all is well. We love and miss ya! :)