Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Basketball for P-day

 Hey Mom,                                                                    April 15th 2014
 How are ya? Thanks for all the updates on everyone and I’m glad that everyone is doing so well!   That’s cool about Blake! maybe I will be his trainer haha! This week was okay!
I’m glad your lesson on Joseph Smith went well. I’m sure the last thing that he expected to see was Jesus Christ and God. Let alone have the courage to tell anyone about it. I liked the talk in conference about the restoration, I can’t remember who gave it but it was really good! 

Me and my comp get along good, he only has ten weeks left in the mission and its really possible that he ends with me. We have been teaching this mom and daughter. They came to church last week and I think that they really liked it. It was a really good testimony meeting and I think they saw that church is more than just singing and dancing and shouting hallilulah haha. 

But other than that nothing much is going on. I hope and pray that things continue to go well for you guys! Keep up the good work mom! You’re the best!  Take care mom! Love you!

 Elder Noel

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