Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A surprise baptism :)

Familia Monkey:)

Hey Mom,                                    June30, 2014

I am glad that you guys had fun while you were in Washington and that you guys were able to watch the game. It was a great game even though Chile lost. The city of Cañete was sort of quiet for the rest of the week but later they were really supportive of the team and how well they played in this mundial. 

It sounds like this summer is packed for you guys with vacations, work, sports etc.. make sure with all the stuff going on that you still have time to do family stuff. I will sure miss the fourth of July! that is one holiday that really is my favorite!

Winter is cold but its not to bad. Actually we are going to be moving houses within the next two weeks because the house that we are in right now is a piece. 

This week in sacrament meeting I had to give a talk about the family, I was nervous because it was my first one in spanish but I think it went alright. I know that families can be together forever!

This week we had 2 more baptisms! They were sort of unexpected but it was awesome to be able to see this mother and her daugter get baptized. Its a family of 6 but the dad is a non active. He was baptized when he was eleven and never went back. This sunday he came to church, took the sacrament and we are hoping that we can get this family going strong in the church. Me and Elder Precourt first found them when we bought churrascos from them. It was neat to see them get baptized.

I thank God everyday for the great family I have and I know that you love and pray for me all the time. I love you! Take care!

Elder Noel!

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