Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Great story!!

Hey Dad,                                      July 7, 2014                                                              

I thought about you guys alot on the fourth of July and I kept thinking about what you guys were doing as I went on throughout the day. Elder Wallace and I had an intercambio and him, me and my comp all sang the Star Spangled Banner the morning of the fourth, it was pretty funny.
This week we had another baptism. The Lord has really been blessing us with great people to teach. Remember Pablo and his brother Oscar? Well this week their mom was baptized. I can say that I really love this family. It might be hard for me to show or explain sometimes but I think that I love them. I asked Pablo what he thought about it and he said, well now everyone in our house has been baptized, I want an eternal family. I was really surprised by his response and it sort of hit me pretty hard. Kind of a cool thing.

The day of her baptism, Ruth (pablos mom) called me and said, Elder, I am not going to get baptized.  I tried to talk her into it but she wouldn't budge. I finally just told her to pray and ask God if she should do it, and then I would call her in a half of an hour.  She agreed. Well we decided to go to her house and when we walked in Pablo opened the door. He said, My mom is going to get baptized, I thought what the heck? Just then Ruth walked out of the bathroom with a big smile on her face and said Im going to get baptized. I asked her what changed. She said she prayed and that she decided to flip through the scriptures. She said according to the scripture that her finger landed on, that she would get baptized. She flipped to DC 11:27-31. You guys can look it up. 
Interesting thing is, that the scripture doesnt say get baptized. But she told us that to her, she felt like the Lord would guide her in every way in her life. As she told me the experience  I started to tear up. She was baptized later that day.
I know God lives. He loves us and answers our prayers. I know that he knows us personally. Each one of us perfectly and that it is our job to search Him, and He will do the rest. 
Love you!!

Elder Noel

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  1. Wow! That is such a blessing Hayden! It puts chills through me! We really appreciate what you are doing there. May GOD bless you always!