Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lots of travel

Hey Mom,                                February 2nd,2015

      Hows it going?! It sounds like the Super Bowl was awesome although the ending wasn't the best. I heard that Turbin and Wagner both played really well, so thats good!
     This week was pretty good. I really do like my new sector, its really big and just about the opposite of Boca Sur.  On tuesday in the morning I took a five hour bus ride to Temuco, where I met my comp Elder A, he is a really great guy and I have known him since the begining of the mission, he was in my first zone and has about 18 months in the mission.  He was assistant for about 7 months or so as well, he is really good.  My sector is called Labranza, its about 45 minutes outside of Temuco.  There was a family from Catrihuala who I recognized who had moved to Labranza, so it was cool to see them.  On Friday we had whats called consejo, it's when all the Zone leaders and the hermana leaders meet up with the President and the assistants to talk about the upcoming month, we then take the plans of president to our respective zones. So we had to travel on thursday night 5 hours to get to the mission office, and then after consejo, five hours back to temuco, so this week I have been on a bus for about 17 hours in total. Kinda sucked haha.
     I really can't believe how fast everything is going and how fast everyone is growing up.  Cole turned in his papers, Logan, Mason and now Daniel and Nathan will all be baptized within 2 months, it really is crazy how fast the time goes.
      Thanks for your testimony about Jesus Christ, I as well am grateful for my Savior and his gospel, I know that only through him can the pains of sin and death be taken away.  This week I have just realized and continue to realize the sacred importance of my call as a missionary and my duty to find those who will receive the restored gospel. I love you! I hope that you have a wonderful week! Take care!  

 Elder Noel
Hi Everyone!!

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