Thursday, February 26, 2015

Random photos of families and missionaries that I love!

Hey Mom,                               February 23rd, 2015

     How are you!? Thanks for the letter like always and thanks for all of the updates! It sounds like you guys had a pretty good week! I can't believe that C
 still has not got his call yet, but he has just got to be patient and it will come!

     This week was a good week! We had some people come to church who are preparing for baptism, so that is good and we are hoping that we can keep helping them progress in their conversion! This week I was really thinking about how cool of a calling we have as missionaries to go out and find people to teach about God and his son Jesus Christ.  It is pretty amazing if you ask me. What we do as missionaries really does have a big impact in the world and in the lives of those we teach.
    My comp is doing good! I keep learning from him each week and it is good because we help each other to be obedient and to work hard. When one of us gets lazy the other one helps out. Its teaching me a lot and I'm grateful for the blessing and privilege that I have to be servant of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
     I just completed 16 months today. I can't believe it! M and C are going to be getting home in the blink of an eye! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! But I'm glad that I still have time to do what I am doing and trying to be better each and every day! Time keeps on flying by.  Me and my comp were talking about it and we started to get a little scared and nervous about coming home. Especially him because he goes home in July! But I can't worry about that right now. I still have 8 months that I can work and not have to worry about school and work and things like that, but it was just sort of a reality check. I sorta realized that I'm not going to be a missionary forever.
 I Know that this gospel is true and that thanks to the gospel we have the family that we have!

 You are the bomb!! I love you!! 

Elder Noel!

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