Thursday, February 26, 2015

Transfer and new job

Hey Mom,                                 January 26th, 2015
     It was a little hard to go a whole two weeks without a letter from you but at least I have one now.  
     Im sorry to hear about Tuff, thats really sad and it makes me want to cry, he was a really great dog. I remember when we were at our old house and every once in awhile he would escape from the backyard and then everyone would just start freaking out because that meant we had to go on a wild goose hunt to go find him haha.  It was really annoying back then, but now looking back on it, it makes me laugh and smile. I will miss that dog alot, but I know that right now he is up there and I will get to see him again haha.
     This week was sort of a slow week. It was hard for me for some reason to get motivated to get out there and work, I think that part of it was I knew that I was leaving but my comp is doing a great job and now I will just leave the sector up to him, he will take good care of it.
     This morning President Bluth called me and told me my cambio. He told me that I was going to Temuco, the zone Cautin, and that I was going to be a Zone Leader, my jaw just about dropped to the floor, 32 missionaries, its the second biggest zone in the mission.  I didn't really know what to think, but Pres said that he had prayed about it and that he feels that it is the right decision, I guess we will see about that.
     My new comp is Elder A, he was an old assistant to the president and he was in my very first zone so I know him pretty well. I have not been to Temuco for a year, so that will be cool to see how it is. 
     It was really cool last week to see all of my old CCM friends and to see what they are all up to now. The hermanas from my district finish their mission in three months, I really can't believe that, it seems like yesterday that we all got on the plane to go to the CCM and now they are going home.

 I love you and thanks for everything, have a great week! 
Elder Noel
My zone before transfer

Having fun!

My dog Tuff

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