Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where are my letters?

Hey guys!                                January 20,2015

I know that I am supposed to write tomorrow but there were some issues so they had to change us to today! I suppose thats why I dont have any letters from any of you haha, so I will just write a letter for everyone.

This week was a pretty good week, its starting to get really hot and I am always dying outside haha, it kinda sucks but then I just think that I will never have another chance like this in my life and that helps me to just keep knocking on those doors. My kid is doing really good, he is doing a good job with everything and I am really impressed with the growth that I have seen in him.  He works hard and he is and will continue to be a great missionary here in this mission.

Well we were able to have a baptism this week! That was really cool. Her name is M, she is 35 years old and she has two kids, one who is 13 and the other one who is 4. N and A.  Me and my old comp found them contacting people in the street one day, and then me and Elder Q went over and taught them, it was a cool thing to see M get baptized. Her and her husband are separated and she just wants her kids to have a good life, she was really prepared to recieve the gospel and was really willing to just accept all of the teachings and to keep with the commitments that we left with her. N will be getting baptized here in about two weeks, he wanted to do it with his mom but he has only gone to church once because every other weekend he goes to stay with his dad, but he got permission to be able to go to church which means that he will be getting baptized here pretty soon. I am really excited for the family.

Also, yesterday the whole mission had a big activtiy in a city called Traiguen. Its about 4 hrs south of where I am so on sunday we went and traveled down and stayed the night in one of the missionaries houses, then on monday morning we finished the trip and got down to the activity, it was really fun. Each zone got different color t shirts and we did like a big competition basically between all the zones. There are 10 zones.  We played kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, and some other games like that. And of course who won? Thats right, my zone SAN PEDRO! hahah. It was a great activity just be able to relax for a bit and have some fun. After all of the games president had a suprise for us. He showed us the movie, Meet the Mormons. It was really good. I think that it should help other people know that we are just normal every day people, but there is one very important thing that sets us apart from everyone else, The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I am so thankful for the gospel and all that I recieve and have because of it.  Every time I think of all the blessings I have it helps me to want to work harder, be more obedient, and love everyone. It's hard and stressful, but I truly do love being a missionary, I really do.  I only have nine months left. Nine months to give it all. I hope and I pray that I can do it. 

I love all you guys, family and friends, and I invite everyone to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will talk to all of you guys on Monday! Take Care, I love you! 

Elder Noel
My comp now and my old comp

2 Ogden Valley boys together, me and Blake Stevenson

My CCM district. So great to be together again!

It was a great day for the baptism of M.

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  1. Hi Hayden! So glad to hear your mission is going great! Amen about the baptisms! I hope you got my letters that I sent to ya. Very cool ya'll got to have a day of activity. Fun! Yes, GOD is so good! I remember that sweet day I asked the LORD to come into my heart and save me. Keep up the wonderful mission work Hayden and please be safe. We love and miss ya! :)