Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hey Dad and Mom,                        Dec 22,2014

 I read both of your letters and I appreciate all the details that you guys include about home and things like that.
     I don't have to much time today on the computer because today isn't pday, its just time to write and then on Christmas we will have pday. 
     I am just going to write you guys on the same letter for lack of time, sorry.
     Go AGGIES.. (they won their bowl game!!)
     This week on Saturday, M, F, F, and E were baptized. It was hectic week and day trying to get everyone prepared and trying to find clothes and things like that. But it was a really cool expierience to see them get baptized. They all seemed really happy and commited to go to church. I hope and pray that they can keep going in the church.
     I am excited to see and talk to everyone on thursday. It looks like we will be doing skype here at around 5 6 or 7. More like 5 o clock. I am not completely sure, sorry haha.
     This Saturday we have another baptism.  Well it's not really ours but she is getting baptized in our ward because she recently moved houses from a sector where the hermanas were already teaching her, they got her all ready and then she moved, and it just happened to be in my sector.  Also, that girl I was telling you guys about, who moved from our sector to another sector, is also getting baptized this saturday. 
     I just want you guys to know that I love you and that you are in my prayers and I am really happy that I will get to talk to you guys this Christmas, even if it will be for only 40 minutes, (sorry mom). But I love you guys and I hope that you have a great day and week!

 Talk to you soon! 
Elder Noel
I love this family!

A great day for some baptisms!

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