Saturday, January 3, 2015

A few changes coming up!

Hey Mom!                                   Dec 15, 2014

 Thanks for the email, like always I love hearing about the family and the things that you guys are doing so thanks! 
     This week was an okay week, we only had 1 person in church but we do have 4 baptisms scheduled for this week so that is good!  I hope that they can follow through with it so that they can get baptized. That family of three is going to get baptized this saturday, I'm happy for them and hope that they can truly feel and see the importance that the gospel will have in their lives.
     I'm doing alright, cambios are tomorrow and me and my comp will be the same so no changes there, I now have a bigger district, I will be in charge of 3 companionships, so that should be interesting.  We have d meetings every tuesday, and we actually have to report our numbers every day to the zone leaders and they report them to the president, lots of verification, but I think its good. It also looks like this will be my last 6 weeks in my sector. Pretty crazy how fast the time goes.
     Christmas down here in Chile is not much different than in the states, some people put up lights and things like that, others don't, almost everyone has a small little tree in their house with decorations and things like that.  But on the 24th families get together and have a big dinner, we are invited to go and eat dinner with the families and things like that on the 24th.  So that should be fun! 
     I saw Elder Wallace on tuesday, he looks like he is doing just fine, he had a huge package from his family, I got two packages, one from Grandma and Grandpa Dot, and the other one I got from Kellie.  I love the shirt that she sent me. I guess that I could be a seahawks fan every once in awhile haha.
     I am excited to be able to skype and see you guys this Christmas and I hope that you guys are enjoying this Christmas season.  President has set a rule that he only wants us to skype for forty minutes, so we wont have to much time but it will be enough time to laugh and talk haha.

Love you! 
Elder Noel

At a district meeting with some Hermanas.

I love Elder Wallace's Christmas tie

Just having some fun!

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