Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baptism and new companion

Hey Mom,                              November 10, 2014

     How are you! Things are going good, my new comp is from Peru and he is a really good guy.  His name is Elder Q and I am learning a lot from him! He was baptized with his fam when he was 11, his dad didn't get baptized untill three years later, he speaks a little english but not much, and he is doing pretty good, really excited to work.  We had a baptism on Tuesday! I will send you a pic! 
     My week was okay, it was a long week with cambios and everything but thats okay.  Also on Sunday we had stake conference and Elder Zeballos from the seventy.  He is a great guy, I got a picture with him. 
      Today I gotta help my comp settle in, so not too much exciting stuff going on.  I don't have much time left but make sure and tell everyone that if I didn't write them its because I didn't have a lot of time, I love you guys, your the best!

Elder Noel

A great day for a baptism

My new comp Elder Q and Elder Zeballos from the seventy

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