Monday, November 3, 2014

Pday cleaning and a fight

Hey Mom,                               October 27, 2014

 This week was okay, We were able to have 8 investigators in church so that was good.  

We didn't really do anything fun for pday today because the second to last p day of every cambio we have to do clean up in our house until one o'clock, so that basically ruins any "fun".

I found out that my comp will be leaving next week to go to another sector, the cool thing is that the last day of the cambio before he leaves we are going to have a baptism of a girl named J. She is awesome, she is 25 and a really inteligent person. She will be a good member. I will be in charge of the sector now, we will see what happens with that!   

I saw Elder W today in the office, it was a surprise, he was up here getting something checked medically, he is really a great guy and I look up to him a lot, a great missionary.

 That case Dad is working on sounds pretty crazy. I cant believe how much sin comes from pride. If people could just be more humble in this world things would be so much smoother.

 It is not easy to help others solve their problems. Sometimes we even know what the solution is and they just can't seem to accept it. Sometimes, actually a lot of the time I have no idea what the solution to their problem is. I just try and tell them that when we put God first, good things happen, thats all I can say sometimes.

Well about that family, they all came to church. It was awesome. They mom decided not to work and she came to church. They loved it. We will see what happens this week, but so far they are progressing. 

On monday of last week we witnessed a fight in the street, this big chilean was just pounding on this other guy, I think he owed him money or something, but I didn't know what to do, I just yelled "hey!" , and tried to get him to stop but he wasn't listening, it stopped and then everyone just went their separate ways.  I felt sorta sick after, I don't get how he could just beat up on that guy like that. 

Well our convert from about 4 weeks ago has sorta falling back into smoking, he missed church for like 3 weeks, so thats disappointing, but we are trying to help him again.

But hey mom I am doing okay, no worries, things are going okay, I have stress but I think its normal, sometimes stress is good, it helps us get up and going.  

Take care this week! I love you! 

Your son always,
      Elder Noel

Pday basketball

a peek into a missionaries apt

the working area

what a clean place

Hayden's kitchen

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