Monday, November 3, 2014

Building a house

Hey Mom,                                   November 3,2014

 This week was alright, we actually started off pretty well, but ended badly, there was a family whose house burned down about six months ago, and the house that they are living in now is temporary, they have stayed there too long, so they were going to get kicked out on the street, so friday we spent the whole day trying to finish building the house back up that got burned down so that they have some place to live, it needed to be done, he had no other help.

We had 4 investigators in church, and we actually have a baptism tomorrow, so it should be good, she is twenty five years old and her name is J. She is a really smart girl and she actually is already going to institute and things like that, the ward has done a good job of helping her out. She will be baptized tomorrow.  

There was also a death in the ward, really sad for the ward. The guy was nice and it was really unexpected. He was a good dad and they had lost their daughter just a year ago, now the mom has to work and provide for her family, but she is a great lady and a really strong person. She is actually the teacher of Gospel Principles, and the week before she had just taught Eternal Families, pretty cool.

The family with the two boys are doing good, they came to church again so that's good!

Cambios are this week and my comp is leaving, and guess what?  I'm going to be training again, I get my new comp on wednesday, there are only two new elders coming in so I will have a new kid.  I'm excited, it should be cool, I also know that he will be a latino.  I pick him up at 9:30 on wednesday, it should be good.  I learned alot the first time I trained, so hopefully I will learn alot more with the new guy.

I love you! Have a great week! 

Elder Noel

zone conference fun!

zone conference crazy!

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  1. Hi Hayden! So glad all is well for ya! That is so great that ya'll built that house for that lady! She will never forget that! Your zone looks great! You kids are awesome! I went to my 1st Utah State football game a few weekends ago with your familia! They won! Keep up the great mission work! I so wish I could go on a mission! Stay safe! We love and miss ya! Happy teaching, happy preaching, happy mission! :)