Monday, November 3, 2014

Pineapple juice and barbecue

Hey Mom,                                    October 20,2014                                                                                                                                 

  I cannot believe that I have completed a year in the mission, officially this wednesday. Your absolutely right when you say that this has been the longest, shortest and hardest year of my life.  The funny thing is that I wouldn't change it for anything.

Well nothing has really changed, I am still in Boca Sur and I still have the same comp. He is good and we are finally starting to get our groove down as comps I feel.  Cambios are in 2 weeks and I am pretty sure that I will be here for about three more months, which is good. I like it here, even though it is pretty gangsta.

This week some kid threw pineapple juice at us. Some gangster kid. It's okay though, he was with his friends just trying to be funny, I'm sure that if he was alone that he wouldn't have done it, it was good juice though, tasted good at least haha.

We actually started of the week pretty well, then it just went downhill from there. Its hard to put together a full solid week sometimes.  There is usually always something that keeps us from just from having a good solid week. But that happens sometimes. We will see what happens this week. Lately I have started to get focused on the numbers, which is a bad road to take, then I start to compare myself to others and to the other district leaders. It just leads to frustration and stress. I gotta stop that.  I need to just compare my success from within.  My area is doing okay, we need to find some new people but it is doing okay. We were able to have 4 people in church this week so that is always good, if we can keep getting people to church than that is a good thing.  I feel like the Lord really blesses us sometimes and I don't feel worthy of the blessings that he gives us.

This week we were given a reference by a ward member. We went and the family is great, it's a mom who lives with her two kids who are 14 and 12.  They are great kids espescially for all the other kids their age down here.   The mom works at the Ferreria or the farmers market, three times a week to be able to try and pay for the water, lighting, and rent. She has been behind on her payments and is afraid of losing her house. The two kids came to church with us this last week but the mom had to work in the ferreria.  I love this family.  I want them so bad to accept the gospel. I didn't really know what else to tell them other than that they have a Father in heaven who loves and knows them. That he has a plan prepared for them and that if they just rely and trust in him then everything will be okay.  I'm afraid that I will say or do something that will screw it up. But I just pray that I can help them to accept the gospel. I thought I had problems until I met this family. I left the house feeling very humbled and blessed.  I will keep you updated with them.  Service is probably one of the most important things in the gospel.  We think we have problems until we look around and see that people are a lot worse off than we are.  I am trying to put myself in other peoples' shoes to see how they feel.

 Today we had a zone activity, it was fun, we watched Saratov Approach and ate food, it was cool, the zone is actually doing a great job and we are leading the mission in many areas. 

 Take care,
 Elder Noel

P Day barbecue

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